Light It Up With Smokeless E-Cigarettes

For many years, insurance companies have been warning about the health risks associated with cigarettes, including the second-hand smoke that can affect those who don’t light up. But a recent development may offer cigarette lovers a different kind of experience that doesn’t force them to stop indulging in their activity. This development is electronic cigarettes, commonly referred to as ��e-cigarettes.’ Those of you who are considering moving from normal cigarettes to e-cigarettes, may still be on the fence about the benefits and advantages of this product, so here are some facts and tips to help you make your decision.


  • Made to look like a real cigarette
  • Powered by batteries
  • Contains nicotine that heats liquid, which becomes a vapor that is inhaled
  • Component parts include a battery, liquid, heating device and nicotine cartridge
  • Options include artificial flavors to enhance the smokeless experience and rechargeable batteries


  • Lack of ignition means that there’s no creation of smoke that enters your lungs, which is beneficial because a significant amount of research indicates that smoke from normal cigarettes can trigger a number of health issues such as lung cancer.
  • More healthy choice than regular cigarettes because of the smoke-free vapor
  • Can act as a bridge to help smokers who want to quit
  • Enables smokers to regulate their nicotine intake by adjusting the levels in a cartridge
  • Cost savings over regular cigarettes due to the fact that after buying a starter kit, all that’s required for basic e-cigarette smoking are nicotine cartridges, which are less expensive than buying cigarette cartons
  • Reduces the social stigma associated with regular smoking, because e-cigarettes don’t produce visible smoke and is difficult to discern, even in a public setting
  • Increases your level of privacy when smoking as you can light up an e-cigarette with little fuss and no telltale smoke
  • Eliminates second-hand smoke inhalation


  • Invest in a portable charging case so that you can indulge in e-cigarettes wherever you go, without having to plug the charger into a USB port or outlet.
  • Similar to normal cigarettes, you’re better off taking deep, slow puffs to get the most vapor out of the e-cigarette
  • If you’re trying to quit smoking, choose a non-nicotine cartridge that gives you the pleasure of inhaling vapor without the consumption of nicotine

For more information about e-cigarettes, visit a local electronic cigarette supplier who can answer any questions you might have about the product.

Kanger Protank 2 Review

After releasing the original protank, there was a change of the well-made clearmonizers. It was the first one but it was not perfect. The imperfection was mainly on the separation of the seal between the pyrex tank and the base and the shearing off of the threads on the connection. From the customer’s feedback above, kanger released the protank 2 with the following advantages:

  • Any 510 drip tip can be used
  • No worry about the tank cracker juices
  • The atomizer heads are replaceable
  • Cleaning is easy
  • No leakage
  • All the parts can be replaced

Kanger Protank 2 corrected two major imperfections in the original protank; has a standard 510 drip tip and can be easily disassembled making cleaning to be super simple. However, the tank also has some disadvantages:


  • Gurgling occasionally when it is less than half full
  • Since it is made of glass, it is easily broken if dropped
  • The beauty ring lacks in the package
  • Not all of the 510 tips fit


Gurgling can happen as a result of spilling some juice into the centre tube while filling or a severe change in temperature. This can be fixed by wiping with a cotton swab. This is done by first removing the drip tip then twisting the cotton swab into the tube at the centre until it presses against the base of the atomizer. Once the cotton is pressed against the base, the base is unscrewed and the atomizer is withdrawn. Once the atomizer is withdrawn, the cotton is pushed upto the end of the centre tube, sealing the tube therefore avoiding accidental spills through the tube. After filling completion, the cotton swab is removed and the base and atomizer replaced.

Fixing by adjusting the airy draw. The protank 2 like the original protank also has air channels cutting into the base therefore it draws air from the top of the 510 connector up through the atomizer. If all those are exposed, the draw will have much air than if the beauty ring is sitting tightly on the base. Sealing one or more of the air holes or channels will also help in tightening the draw on the protank. The air holes are not supposed to be sealed all at once since this leads to the protank not functioning. Instead, the air channels are supposed to be sealed one at a time until one gets the desired air draw. Teflon tapes and hot glue are used in the work of sealing the holes.

Cloutank M3 Dry Herb Vporizer Review

The Cloutank M3 by Cloupor is a dry herb and wax atomizer vaporizer, made from an elegant combination of pure metal and Pyrex glass tube. It is one of the easiest vape pens to clean as all parts are fully accessible, and it comes with a unique “self-cleaning” mechanism at the push of the drip tip. The unique chamber allows for the re-mixing of leaves without opening.


  • · 100% metal with Pyrex glass tubing.
    · Fully detachable chamber and coil to prevent damage when cleaning.
    · Reach all of the herbs inside without opening the chamber.
    · Elastic tip ensures complete burn.
    · One push tip technology to empty chamber without using tools.
    · Cleaning brush for long term maintenance.


  • · 1.3 ohm Resistance
    · 3.7 to 4.2 Voltage
    · Vapes Dry Herb and Wax/Oil
    · Ego 510 Thread
    · 78mm x 16mm
    · Normal Temperature Storage
    · All Parts 100% Glue Free

User Tips:

To use the Cloutank M3, unscrew the coil head from the glass chamber and insert the dry herb or wax. Re-screw the coil to secure your smoking substance, and press down on the drip tip to compact and mix it to your liking. Screw on you Ego battery and enjoy vaping!

To clean thoroughly, simply unscrew the coil head and press the drip tip to force out the ash and leftover herb. If any ash marks remain, wipe with the supplied cleaning brush. All parts are accessible for long term maintenance.

Our Verdict:

The Cloutank M3 looks good, is durable, and most of all is simple to use. Assembly and preparation takes no longer than a minute, and the push down drip tip will quickly become your best friend.

Where this product really stands out is cleaning. Not only is ash removal accomplished with just a push of the tip, but we found that it was very hard to even get the chamber dirty to begin with. When you do eventually get some build-up, the supplied brush is more than capable of getting things clean again. Nothing about the individual parts are tricky to screw or unscrew, allowing you to clean the whole thing periodically if you require.

Like most vape pens you’ll probably find more combustion that true vaporizing, but its simple and convenient drip tip design puts it up there with the best on the market.

Electronic Cigarette Smoking In Public Places

e cigarette smokingIn our view, should first answer the question of why some countries have banned smoking in public places. In the first place, these restrictions are defined by social policy. Their main goal is the fight against mass smoking. In addition, regular cigarettes are often the cause of fires. And because bans on smoking in public places introduced for security purposes. Another reason for such restrictions is the effect of passive smoking, during which, as is well known, non-smoker person inhales about 75% of harmful cigarette smoke.

How did the situation with electronic cigarettes? It turns out that smoking electronic cigarettes in public places is not prohibited by any law or legally. Electronic cigarettes really can be used anywhere, anytime, without any restrictions. And it is not explained by the lack of appropriate regulations of prohibiting, and the fact that:

Electronic cigarettes do not cause harm to others. During smoking the electronic cigarette in the environment comes only steam with a dissolved nicotine. It has no odor, does not contain harmful substances, and therefore completely safe for the health of non-smokers.

Electronic cigarettes can not cause a fire. During smoking, as such there is no combustion. Light on the end of device is just an imitation. And therefore can not become the cause of the fire by electronic cigarette.

It is in the foregoing reasons, legally smoking electronic cigarette can be in any public place, including transportation, refueling, restaurants, where it is prohibited.

TOOIO Electronic cigarettes are considered as unique products for many reasons. One of the main considered the possibility of using the device in public places. Where smoking is prohibited electronic cigarette will help to satisfy the body’s need for nicotine – on the plane and in the cinema, in the restaurant and in a bus it can be used freely.

E-cigarette devices generating steam instead of smoke. It contains nicotine and ancillary drugs to ensure normal transport substances in the body of smoker. This smoke does not have harmful combustion products, toxins. Nicotine in a pair is retained in the lungs of the user. Smokers exhale smoke, in which there is no poison and dangerous compounds. It dissipates within a short time.

With electronic smoking does not constitute any ash and fire. To enable e-cigarette does not need a lighter. That is why there is no danger of fire, electronic cigarettes can be used in a plane where smoking is considered to be dangerous.

Despite the fact that electronic cigarette devices resemble conventional tobacco products, they have some design features that help you avoid trouble when using in public places. Indicator light are green or blue color that indicates the user have in the hands of electronic product. In addition, the trendy device can provide a bright color, unusual design options and other visual features.

Ago G5 Mesh Filter: Benefits and Uses

ago g5 mesh filterThe TOOIO Ago G5 mesh filter is designed to make your vaping experience more enjoyable. Although the G5 is one of the leading herb vaporizers on the market, it is sometimes known to “combust” herbs rather than vaporize them. In many cases, this is due to users improperly placing the herbs in the vaporizer. By purchasing a mesh filter, you can prevent this from happening and properly vaporize your herbs.
What is the Ago G5 Mesh Filter Used For?

The Ago G5 mesh filter is used to prevent the herbs from sitting directly on top of the heating coil. This allows the herbs to be properly vaporized and prevents them from burning or “combusting.” Without the filter, users report having an unpleasant vaping experience. On the other hand, there are also users that have no issues using the Ago G5 without a filter. While it ultimately may come down to user preference, it is often best to purchase the mesh filter just to ensure that you have an enjoyable vaping experience.
What are the Benefits of Using the Ago G5 Mesh Filter?

All Ago G5 mesh filters are made out of steel and designed specifically for this vaping pen. This ensures that the filter fits perfectly into the G5’s heating chamber. The filter is guaranteed not to damage the vaporizer and also guarantees not to burn your herbs either. G5 mesh filters have been extensively tested to ensure for safety and satisfaction.

To put it simply, the Ago G5 mesh filter:

  • Prevents your herbs from burning
  • Allows for easier cleanup
  • Provides a more satisfying vaping experience

Mesh filters can be purchased in packs of multiple quantities and is priced at an incredibly affordable rate. By purchasing multiple filters at once, you can ensure that you always have a filter on hand whenever you have the urge to vape. Its affordable price tag allows any user with any sized budget to enjoy using the Ago G5 without burning or combusting their herbs.